Dialysis Technology is associated with the field of nephrology i.e. care of kidneys. The dialysis technologist is required to perform dialysis procedures wherein the blood is cleaned artificially when the kidneys are unable to do so. The dialysis technician works under the guidance of a medical profession or a licensed nurse.

To work as a dialysis technician one needs to be well read. One needs to go through special training that imparts one the knowledge required to carry on the procedures, the different procedures, and how to operate the machines. The dialysis technicians are required to look after the patients and make them feel relaxed and comfortable initially. The patients are in a critical medical condition and are bound to feel nervous or scared. In such a scenario, the technician is expected to maintain his cool and handle the situation well.

Then the dialysis technician needs to explain the procedure involved to the patient. This may be a little time consuming but will help you a lot in carrying out the procedure without much difficulty. It is the duty of the dialysis technician to prepare the medical equipments required in the procedures. Not only that he is also responsible for cleaning and maintaining them thereafter. Cleanliness forma a very important part of the procedure and he needs to sterilize every equipment used for the next procedure.

kidney dialysis system What is a Dialysis Technician and Technology

After the procedure is over, they need to ensure that everything has gone smoothly and the patient is also well. Then he note downs information about the patient that includes the blood pressure, heart beat etc. and add them to the medical records of the patients which he maintains. The technicians also have the understanding of different chemicals and they need to check if the chemicals used in the machine for the procedure are correct or not. The technician needs to constantly monitor the machines as well as the patients during the procedure and also inform the medical professional.

The dialysis technicians can work in a number of areas that include hospitals, clinics, or some private places. The task needs one to be exceptionally skilled and confident about what they are doing. Even after one starts working, they can continue reading as it will help them in getting their license renewed as well will help you get some better job opportunities. As you gain experience in the field, the salary also increases.